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Most Wondrous Meal

This meal was the meal that had the most wonder! Most people involved hadn’t any exposure to poached chicken. The preparation process was enjoyable as

It’s not meat 2.0!?

The Vegetarian Cheesesteaks and Strawberry Shortcakes were an all-around hit with our students! From the preparation to the execution, and ultimately, the consuming of the

Best meal!

Welcome to Sacred Heart -- The students liked this meal, hands down! "Although this meal was the quickest and easiest meal to prepare, it was still

Team work!

The young chefs at Sacred Heart worked together to bring this dish to its fullest potential. Each student had a responsibility and ultimately came together to

Ta-da! Best Cornbread Ever!

The students enthusiastically prepared this week's recipes: New England Clam Chowder and Cheddar Cornbread."Ta da! Best cornbread ever!" — Alanna and Tamara
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