Specific Purpose Funds

Specific Purpose Funds & Supporting St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children (SCHC) has been providing high-quality pediatric healthcare for children and families in North Philadelphia for nearly 150 years. Since 1998, St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children has been helping SCHC to continue their charitable tradition through the management and fiscal oversight of over 30 Specific Purpose funds. These funds allow donors to support specific initiatives at SCHC in the areas of care, outreach, research, and education.

Establish a Specific Initiative

For more information about establishing a Specific Purpose fund that benefits the community or a specific project or program at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, please contact us at (215) 568-1126.

We proactively invite applicants. Fund liaisons are permitted to apply but prior approval must be obtained from SCHC administration. The Office of Research Support at SCHC can assist with the request.

Specific Purpose Funds (A-Z)


Barnett Mitochondrial Fund

For research in mitochondrial disease and for special needs of such patients

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Brennan Nephrology Fund

To support research or activities that benefit renal patients

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Burn Center Fund

To fund trips to meetings and special courses for nurses in the Burn Unit

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Calvin Bland Sickle Cell Research and Education Fund

To be used at the discretion of the Calvin Bland Endowed Chair in Hematology and Sickle Cell Disease

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Cardiothoracic Surgery Fund

For education, care, research, and outreach

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Center for Children with Special Healthcare Needs Fund

To support the needs of families of children and youth with special healthcare needs (bus tokens, parking tokens, clothing, gift cards at the holidays etc.)

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Child Life Fund

To support provision of special Child Life activities for children who are hospitalized

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Cystic Fibrosis Fund

To support educational symposium and improve knowledge of cystic fibrosis within CF Care Centers

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Dental Fund

To support an annual dinner meeting as well as educational activities for Residents in the training program

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Dr. Smith Education Fund

To support an annual Visiting Professorship each year and a dinner for the invited speaker

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Family AIDS Clinic

To support the special needs of children with AIDS, as well as education of families, research, etc.

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Grow Clinic Fund

To support the work of the Grow Clinic

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Health Tech Fund

To support scholarships for students graduating from the Health Tech Program at SCHC

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Hear Better Fund

To help support families and children with hearing loss

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Heart Center for Children Fund

For academic and educational use and special needs of cardiology patients

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Hematology Fund

For education, outreach, research, clinical, and psychosocial care for the patients of the Hematology Section, their families, and staff

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Infectious Diseases Fund

For educational and academic activities of the Section of Infectious Diseases

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Jacob's Layups Fund for NICU Social Work

Funding limited to NICU Social Work for provision of items such as parking tokens, food vouchers, and diapers.

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Lung Center Fund

To support the development of programs to reduce the incidence of lung diseases in the community

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fund

To support special educational activities for staff, annual meetings of families, and special needs of families

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Neonatal Research & Education Fund

To support neonatal research and education

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Neurosurgery Research and Education Fund

For academic and educational use and any special needs of Neurosurgical patients

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Oncology Fund

For academic and educational use and any special needs of Oncology patients

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Orthopedic Center Fund

For academic and educational use and any special needs of Orthopedic patients

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Palliative Care Unit Fund

For supplies and resources for patients, education funds for staff for conferences, and small research projects

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Fund

To support the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship - funds used for educational purposes only

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Perioperative Services Education Fund

For education for Perioperative Services

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Resident Research Travel Fund

To help support the travel expenses of Residents to present research at a regional or national meeting. Max $7,000/year

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Rheumatology Fund

For academic and educational use and any special needs of Rheumatology patients.

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Social Work Fund

To support educational programming for the social work staff

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Waldo Nelson Fund

To strengthen the link between the academic center and the practicing physicians

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