Halfway through our cooking classes, and this week’s dish was fish and carrots, not at the top of our chefs’ favorite food lists, but they kept open minds.

Jayson Vo and Milanni Mines prepared the fish and breadcrumbs while Abby Slichter and Laura Lin worked on the carrots. While Abby and Laura peeled and chopped carrots, Milanni zested a lemon, Jayson chopped parsley and both Milanni and Jayson measured breadcrumbs and spices for the fish topping. Everyone was busy in the kitchen!  With the breadcrumb mixture now ready, Laura and Milanni topped the fish and set it in the oven to bake. Meanwhile, Abby and Jayson prepared the final course of our meal – couscous!  Finally, with the carrots and fish roasted, time to eat! The verdict? “Thumbs Up!” and “delicious,” Jayson declared. Abby decided “it was all really good and I would make it for my family.” And Laura added, “I like the fish, even though I don’t like fish!”