This week we kicked off another semester of cooking at Blessed Trinity Catholic School, welcoming three eager young chefs to the kitchen: Milanni Mines, Jayson Vo, and Abby Slichter. Two other students may join us, too.

While reviewing our kitchen rules, we discovered all three of our chefs have worked before in the kitchen – a great discovery! So they quickly absorbed the “do’s and don’ts,” and we were ready to start.

We substituted the homemade granola for a Dutch Baby Pancake, since we had fewer chefs and wanted to make sure they each had work to do. They quickly began cracking eggs and cutting fruit. Volunteer Chris Hoyler taught them to cut flat-side down, whenever possible. Measuring out and mixing all the ingredients followed, and within no time, the chefs had set the table and were ready to taste their first creation. Everyone liked the fruit, though Jayson preferred the bananas and Abby wasn’t too keen on the yogurt. Next week, on to Sloppy Joe’s!