This was an interesting week for our student chefs. Many weren’t familiar with buttermilk or sweet potatoes. We also added a green salad of romaine lettuce with Italian dressing, so we had a host of new foods to try! And new smells!

Ms. Chris invited the chefs to smell the paprika that we sprinkled over the fries to spice them up. “Hot,” declared Anthony. Then it was on to cumin (part of the buttermilk marinade). “Smells like Adobo,” Alex suggested. And finally, white vinegar for the salad dressing. “Ooh, strong …. tart… spicy,” said Alex and Sherrell. Anthony, Neveah, and Ann Marie cut sweet potatoes while the other students prepared the brine for the chicken.  Alex measured ingredients for the Italian dressing, and Sherrell got a head start on the dishes. Under the watchful eyes of Sister Jeanne McGowan, LaSalle Academy’s President, and the other chefs, Sherrell then measured out parchment paper for the roast chicken. My Family Kitchen volunteer Chris Hoyler showed Anthony and Neveah how to place the chicken on the roasting pan without crowding the pieces. Once the chicken began roasting, Neveah and Anthony began mixing up the green salad. And when the meal was ready, everyone dug in … with just enough for everyone to take some home!