This week was a challenge: down one teacher and two chefs, but we still completed and enjoyed our meal with Milanni Miles and Jayson Vo taking charge in the kitchen.

We had changed our soup, since the chefs gave clams a thumbs down, but instead prepared a Chicken Tortellini Soup loaded with fresh veggies. And, the cheddar cornbread, which we baked in a cast iron pan. Both Milanni and Jayson measured out the ingredients for the cornbread and then both took turns whisking and mixing to get it just right. Then we chopped onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and chicken, sauted it all, added broth and tortellini … and we had soup! The cornbread emerged from the oven golden brown and smelling delicious. Both chefs loved the cornbread and liked the soup — another successful day in the kitchen!