Curried Chicken with apricots and olives was the most exotic of the dishes we have cooked this spring, although Jayson Vo and Laura Lin said curry is used in some of their families’ traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

Both dishes called for much chopping and mixing, so we quickly got to work. Jayson and Abby focused on the chicken marinade and vegetables, while Laura and Milanni prepared strawberries and apples – a rhubarb sub since rhubarb was nowhere to be found this week. This recipe kept everyone busy for a good hour in the kitchen. Jayson said the marinade that he and Abby prepared was the first he had ever made! After marinating the chicken and chopping cauliflower and apricots, Jayson and Abby place the vegetables and an olive tapenade over the chicken, the last step before baking. Now, time for cleanup. The chicken proved a hit; the vegetables not so much. But the chefs were proud of themselves for trying a recipe with several new tastes. Next week, the final meal!