The Comly Cooks gathered in the kitchen ready to attack this week’s task.

Zarina Sheroba and Milana Kruchko started chopping the  onions.  As the tears flowed, the Mehribon Ravshanova started slicing the cucumbers.  Ivy Weng responded, “I’ve never eaten Sloppy Joes!  I can’t wait”  Zarina Sheroba agreed.  Kemiah Dillard said, “I don’t like spicy food, but I will try it”. Ivy Weng said, “The Worcestershire sauce smelled spicy and the red pepper flakes are gonna make the turkey probably super spicy! While the ground turkey sits on the pan, everyone grabs a stick of celery and it improves everyone’s patience.” When all the food was prepared and plated, all we heard was silence!  Everyone agreed, the cucumbers and sloppy joe meal was awesome!