Throughout the week, the Comly mini chefs’ excitement grew.  They chatted about all the vegetables and asked about each one. When cooking day arrived, the chefs emptied the shopping bag with glee!  They exclaimed over each one, Camila Ramirez said, “ I never saw an eggplant before.  It is pretty.  I hope it tastes good.”  Jhenifer Andrade agreed!

The chefs each selected a vegetable to chop. Pedro Benevides Da Silva chopped the lemon and tomatoes. Cheng Lo announced, “I really don’t like vegetables, but I’m hungry so I guess I’ll give it a try. I have never seen so many vegetables on a tray and it is so colorful.” Afina Turdukanova said, “All the chopped vegetables look like a rainbow.”  All the chefs agreed, they had never heard nor tried quinoa.  This would be very interesting.

Once everything was cooked and plated, the looks on the chefs faces were priceless.  They timidly tasted the ratatouille.  This group of chefs all agreed: This is not a meal they would like to make for their families— too many vegetables— but the quinoa was a hit!