For our guest meal, the chefs decided on Week 4’s cod with breadcrumbs, Week 2’s quick pickled cucumbers and, from last year, strawberry shortcake with biscuits.

With only three chefs, we were busy! Jayson Vo went to work zesting lemons, measuring spices and melting butter for the breadcrumb topping. Meanwhile, Milanni Miles and Abby Slichter sliced cucumbers and Jayson fixed his favorite – the brine, or marinade – for the pickles. Next, onto dessert. Milanni and Abby tackled the biscuits, getting messy in the process, and Jayson prepped the strawberries, adding sugar to make them juicy. With everything baking or pickling, we waited for our guests – principal Maureen Pfeiffer, Jayson’s mother, and Milanni’s mother and grandmother. A great way to cap off a fun eight weeks!