The Comly Cooks talked abundantly about this week’s recipe since last week!  All they saw was “Cheesesteaks” .

The chopping and slicing began as soon as the Cooks entered the kitchen.

Zarina and Milana started with the zucchini.  They had never cut one before but Zarina said it was nice and smooth, unlike the potatoes from last week.

Cutting the onion is a  job that is shared. This week Ivy and Mekribon had their turn to cry. Ivy’s eyes were watering immediately.  The mushrooms were prepared by Milana while Zarina prepared the ingredients for the zucchini fries. Kemiah cut the pepper and learned how to core and seed the large green pepper.  As everything came together, the excitement grew.

Everyone loves cheesesteaks and the Comly Cooks  are no different.  Zarina said she has never tasted cheesesteaks and can’t wait. Ivy shouted she can’t wait to taste all the food.  The cooks plated the food and sat to eat.  It grew quiet and they took small nibbles of cheesesteak, then the fries.  The group was divided on the steak.They all agreed that the fries were not the best. On to week 7!