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Succulent flavors

"The poached chicken was succulent. It was juicy and flavorful. I found the process using the parchment paper to poach the chicken as interesting." ~Josephine McAliley "Although

First timers!

"The vegetarian cheesesteaks were exquisite. They had a rich flavor I had not tried before. And it was my first time eating a mushroom!" ~Justin Bravo-Reyes "I

Pasta Galore!

"The Tortellini Minestrone was really amazing! I loved the green beans and the pasta. The ingredients mixed together was flavorful." ~Juliannie Carabello "I was excited about

Tangy but Sweet

The chefs at Feltonville weren't playing around with their chicken. Trying new foods and having their own take, masterpiece! "If I made the chicken again, I
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