After two weeks off, the student chefs were excited to be back in the kitchen. We had a lot of work to do to get everything done on time. We split the group into two teams: one prepared the curried chicken and vegetables while the other made the strawberry/apple crisp bars. The teams worked really well together and all the food went into the oven on time.

The curried chicken was a big hit. Everyone was shocked at the amazing combination of tastes.

Over dinner the students discussed their preferred menu for the last class. There was lots of discussion, and some disagreement, but in the end everyone agreed on the baked cod and cheesy cornbread.

The students have come a long way since the first class. Besides learning new cooking skills and the benefits of trying new and healthy foods, they have learned to trust and respect each other. Perhaps the best gift is that they’ve learned the joy of cooking: “Today wasn’t a very good day at school, but when I cook my problems go away.”