Another year begins with the new Comly Chefs super excited!  The walk into the kitchen was like walking onto a sports field, the anticipation of what was to come was overwhelming!

  As the chefs unpacked the bags, they started guessing the first recipe.  Pedro Benevides Da Silva saw the spinach and said, “I have never eaten spinach before and I’m nervous.”

The chopping began.  Afina Turdukanova said, “My eyes are tearing up right now and they kinda hurt.”, while dicing the onion.  Chengxuan Lo said, “I like how the spinach smells like when it is cooked.”  Everyone had a turn chopping onions, breaking the eggs and shredding the cheese.  Camila Ramirez was so excited, “I am having a lot of fun, it smells really good, and I can’t wait to try the food because it looks really good too. I hope I enjoy the food, it smells and looks really good..

Out of the oven and now to taste. Jhenifer Andrade said, “ It tasted really good. The only thing i would change is adding tomatoes. It taste better with bbq sauce.”  Everyone agreed and the mini frittata was a hit!