In two hours, the class had lots to do to meet the 4:30 pm deadline for the Fall 2022 My Family Kitchen (MFK) graduation dinner. Each student invited two guests so extra prep and cooking were required for a dinner of Buttermilk Chicken Drumsticks and salad with a dessert of Jelly Donut Muffins.

Once arrived, students served their guests and the award of certificates of completion followed. Guests enjoyed the meal, especially the jelly donut muffins and applauded enthusiastically at each student’s achievement. Several parents thanked the volunteer teachers and noted how they look forward to a new chef in the family. The graduation dinner, by all measures, was a great success!

We thank Maureen Fitzgerald, the founder of MFK, and St. Christopher Hospital Foundation’s support for making it possible for young students in schools throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas to learn to prepare delicious, healthy meals on a budget. We hope that what MFK graduates at Visitation School have learned leads to a lifetime of healthy cooking and healthy eating!