Perseverance was the word for the day. It started when we realized we were missing some ingredients. Students visited several classrooms until we found sugar and some yogurt to substitute for the egg. Then we discovered that the toaster oven and hot plate were not working.

After several tries at swapping out power strips, we realized we blew a fuse. One student went looking for the custodian, three followed Ms. Braun down the hall to her room with the hot plate and skillets, while the other two stayed to carefully roll the toaster oven cart to a working outlet in the back of the classroom. After some switch-flipping and yelling up and down the hall to see if things were working, we eventually ended up in back in the room together. When we finally sat down to eat, Jadera Sumter noted, “Good thing this is tasty after all that!” The mushrooms weren’t a fan favorite but the tacos and muffins were. Sadly we have no photos to document the mayhem of the day, but we will always have the memories.