This week we had a smaller group, as basketball resumed after a two-year absence, and four of our seven chefs play on the team. So the remaining three rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in making our turkey tacos and – as a special treat – blueberry muffins for dessert.

Anthony Gordon, Sam Velazquez and Alex Romanowski, our chefs for the day, first chopped onions and green peppers, and then combined the turkey, veggies and spices in a skillet to brown. Sam and volunteer Chris Hoyler tended to the tacos while Alex and Anthony prepared the muffins – whisking eggs and milk, measuring flour, baking powder, salt and sugar and zesting a lemon. Messy, but fun, especially when they emerge from the oven golden brown with a cinnamon sugar crust on top. Next it was back to the tacos, where the chefs added the filling, topped them with cheese and popped them in the oven to bake. We also chopped some celery, carrots and pepper, whipped up some homemade ranch dressing, and sat down to one delicious meal.