The Buttermilk Roast Chicken was universally loved! The Sweet Potatoes Fries were almost as well-received, and we even had some kids who had never had them before and learned they liked them!

There was some down time while the chicken and sweet potatoes were baking. So the students were asked to write answers to two questions. Given that the mission is to teach kids to love to cook, and to make healthy, affordable, easy meals, the answers were so wonderful.

  1. Why learn to cook?
  2. How does cooking class make you feel, and why?


1. So we can cook instead of buying food.

2. Cooking makes me feel happy and excited. – E’Laya Goffney


1. Because when you get older, you would already know how to cook.

2. It makes me feel like I am alive. Why? Because it does, and I have such a good team. — Mackenzie Forchion


1. So when you are a grown up you will know how to cook for your kids.

2. Happy. Because it is so cool to cook. And you don’t have to waste money for food and you have it for other things that you want. — Alyssa Pagan


1. Because fast food isn’t good for you and if you live alone, you won’t have anyone to cook for you.

2. It makes me feel happier, because I have more to do than stay in school and learn math and stuff all day. — Shiaheem Freeman


1. In case you are home alone and you’re hungry. Also, if you are in a different country and you will know what to make.

2. It makes me feel happy and it makes me feel blessed. It also makes me feel very loved. —Christopher Duran


1. it’s a good idea because you can cook for your mother on Mother’s Day.

2. It makes me feel like I know how to cook. — Zoe Smith