The students and staff of Comly must be under a black cloud.  Week 5 of cooking found Mrs. Craley and Mrs. Thorp home sick.  Week 6 came and the teachers were well, but 3 of our Comly chefs were home sick.  But, cooking must continue.

In order to catch up, we created the recipes for both weeks!  Cheng Lo and Pedro Benevides de Silva are working like an amazing team.  They’re the only two students here today.  Illness has gripped Comly this week, and so many students are absent. We should be making chicken soup!

We started by chopping all the vegetables for both. Pedro Benevides Da Silva started with the onions and he almost immediately started tearing up.  Pedro Benevides Da Silva said, “I don’t think I can cut all these onions.  Let’s switch.”  Cheng Lo agreed.

Cheng Lo said, “Finally, it’s time for the spaghetti. Everyday I would think about this.  I hope it tastes good.  I never had tacos so it will be a new food for me.” Pedro Benevides Da Silva said, “the spaghetti smells very good but sadly we don’t have everybody here.”

They worked together as a well oiled machine, reading the recipe and taking turns.  Within the hour, we had spaghetti with meat sauce and turkey and mushroom tacos.  We had enough food to feed 10 people!! Pedro Benevides Da Silva said, “I thought today was a really fun experience  and now we’re about to try it.  Can’t wait.”

Cheng thought the spaghetti was ok, but really liked the tacos.  “Since we have so many tacos left, I can have more, right?” asked Cheng Lo.   All in all, it was a delicious day!