What an eager group of kids we had for our first week of cooking class! “I love to cook,” said Mackenzie Forchion. “Me and my grandma cook together all the time. It’s the Spanish culture,” said Christopher Durans, matter of factly.

We divided up the jobs and the kids got to work, dicing onions, slicing basil, cracking eggs, grating cheese. “Look at me, I’m sautéing!” said E’Laya Goffney, thrilled to be at the stove, stirring the onions. The importance of reading a recipe carefully was brought home, when 1 1/2 cups of milk were added instead of 1/2 cup! But we found an extra muffin tin and realized we just stretched the recipe to make more. It took the mini frittatas a little more time to bake, but the reviews were strong. And every last morsel was consumed.

“I don’t like spinach or onions,” said Shiaheem Freeman, “But I like them together in this!” Zoe Smith wrote in her journal, “I think this week’s food was so so good.” Alyssa Pagan asked for seconds and thirds, and even though she left the spinach on her plate, it did not dampen her enthusiasm for the dish. “I loved the food we cooked,” she wrote.