The students were thrilled to be making tacos this week. But they were disappointed that they were not making more guacamole and chips when they saw the avocado among the ingredients. It is, by far, the most popular thing we have made.

Christopher Durans, who has asked every week since we made them if we could make them again, was excited to tell us his grandmother bought him avocados so he could make guacamole at home. “Everyone loved it and wanted more,” he said. ” I didn’t want to share.”

The knife skills have been improving every week, and each child has dutifully taken a turn chopping onions, this week it was Shiaheem Freeman, and he was not spared the tears from the onion vapors. But the others cheered him on: Mackenzie Forchion told him, “It’s okay. You just have to get through it.”

Mackenzie grated the cheese, Alyssa Pagan chopped the green pepper, and, of course, Christopher handled the peeling and slicing of the avocado.

The boys started out at the stove, with Shiaheem sautéing the mushrooms and Christopher browning the turkey and vegetables.

“I feel like Gordon Ramsey,” said Christopher.

“I’m surprised that we can make stuff in the kitchen that’s healthy and tastes good too,” said Shiaheem.

“I know,” said Alyssa. “Nothing we made has been disgusting.”

The girls stepped in to man the pans when arms got tired. Alyssa perfected her technique with a flourish: “I feel like I’m doing a take-down move in wrestling,” she said as she flipped the turkey and vegetables in the pan.”I’m just a chef now.”

Next came an assembly line to put the tacos together, layering the meat and vegetables, the mushrooms and the grated cheese into the hard taco shells, and then popping them in the oven. The results produced lots of oohs and ahhs when the tacos emerged from the oven, the cheese melted and oozing in the shells.

The reviews were strong, even if there were a few mushrooms left on the plates. Mackenzie and Alyssa were the biggest fans, asking for seconds and wanting to bring home any extras to their family. “I love these!” said Mackenzie. Both said they would like to make them for their families.