After a successful first week of cooking, our student chefs excitedly entered the kitchen to hear they would be making tuna melts. Most had had tuna salad and grilled cheese, but not together, so this was an adventure!

Once MFK volunteer Judy Raichek  showed Nevaeh Rivera and Sam Velazguez how to use the can opener, the two chefs got to work opening the tuna cans and adding the tuna to the mixing bowl.

The recipe called for grated Jarlsberg cheese, so Anthony Gordon eagerly took that job. Grating the cheese became the favored job, and Sam Velazguez tried it next. The chefs took turns chopping onions and basil, slicing tomatoes and measuring spices for the tuna. Meanwhile, you can’t have a tuna melt without english muffins, so Neveah Rivera and Alex Romanowski separated the muffins into halves. Sherelle Moore makes sure the chefs have the necessary tools to add the rest of the ingredients to the tuna. And finally, everyone helped crown the tuna melts with sliced tomato. Everyone enjoyed the finished product, and being able to spend time in the kitchen with their friends.