What a fun class! Although we only had three students – Amina, Savannah & Semaj – they were all so engaged and happy to be there.

After reading the recipes and reviewing some basic chicken safety rules,the students jumped right into the prep work. While one group prepared the chicken marinade, the other group cut the sweet potatoes. While they loved smashing the garlic, they had a hard time crushing the peppercorns. All were surprised that the chicken recipe called for maple syrup! Savannah loved squishing all the ingredients around in the freezer bag. Even though we had soaked the sweet potatoes, they were still a bit difficult to cut. However, Semaj and Amina persevered and cut the potatoes into perfect half circles.

Although everyone was a bit skeptical about the chicken marinade (“it looks gross”), once it was time to eat they all agreed that the chicken was absolutely delicious. Most also liked the sweet potato fries, but the chicken was by far their favorite. Everyone had seconds, and a few even had thirds. They all said they would make the chicken again at home.

Semaj King: “Today we made buttermilk chicken and sweet potato fries. For the chicken we used peppercorns, syrup and cumin. It was VERY good. I liked the salty and sweet together.”