Week 2 was a bit of a challenge. It was Hispanic Food Day at Sacred Heart, so the students had been eating all day.

This made them less interested in cooking/eating and a bit more energized. Also, the kitchen was still being cleaned up when we arrived so this set us back a bit.

Because the stove/oven do not work well, we are using a toaster oven to cook the food. We have to learn to adapt the cooking times better as it takes longer to fully cook everything (i.e. the tuna melts were slightly undercooked although we baked them much longer).

The positives are that our new teacher, Miss Julie, joined us today, and the students really enjoyed working with her. The students really like the hands on aspects of the recipes, in particular the chopping and grating. Even though the students didn’t like the tuna, they all tried the tuna melts.

We are all looking forward to making roast chicken next week!