Community Oral Health Initiatives

SCFC’s Community Oral Health Initiatives improves the oral health of children and families in North Philadelphia through community awareness and partnerships, education, early intervention, and treatment.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, a major program component, is equipped with dental operatories, an instrument processing center and office space. It visits patients at Head Start facilities, early childhood centers, elementary schools and summer camps.  New and continuing care patients get a thorough exam and dentists take immediate action—fillings, crowns, sealants, fluoride treatments—to arrest disease and decay.

Program dentists and hygienists visit the sites and patients annually, providing comprehensive care on an ongoing basis. Children, families and community members are invited to educational presentations at community meetings, health fairs and other local events. Elementary, middle and high school students receive age-appropriate learning opportunities at schools in targeted areas.

SCFC’s 5-Point Approach to Community Oral Health Services

Treatment: The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile provides comprehensive and continuous oral health care through individual hygiene instruction and preventive and restorative therapies.

Education: My Marvelous Mouth improves oral health literacy by creatively educating children about the importance of having a clean and healthy mouth.

Awareness: The Diamonds and Pearls public oral health literacy campaign promotes public awareness of oral health issues.

Prevention: My Baby’s Smile provides prenatal oral health services to improve the oral health of pregnant women in order to decrease the risk of dental disease in their babies and increase the oral health knowledge of the whole family.

Early Intervention: Pediatric Partners prevent dental disease in children by intervening early in the process with oral assessments, education of parents, application of fluoride varnish, and referral to a dentist, as needed.

For further information about the COHI program, please contact Jean Rath, COHI Director, at 215-427-8877 or via email at