Grantmaking and Designated Funds

A grantmaking public charity, SCFC provides funding to improve health outcomes for children in North Philadelphia. SCFC also manages and distributes dollars from nearly thirty temporarily restricted funds.


SCFC invests in charitable work that improves children’s health outcomes in the North Philadelphia community surrounding St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. SCFC’s priorities include funding for preventative services, especially those that better health through improved oral health care and increased physical activity and healthy eating.

SCFC is not accepting competitive applications for grant funding at this time.

Designated Funds

SCFC maintains and makes grants from approximately thirty temporarily restricted funds earmarked by generous donors to specific areas of interest. Applicants are proactively invited by SCFC.

To apply online for funding from a Designated Fund, click here.

For more information about grantmaking or Designated Funds, please contact St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children at (215) 568-1126.