Comly cooks entered the kitchen and immediately sorted the bags of food.  Everyone was curious to see the “clams”.  Lots of oh’s could be heard when they saw the cans.

Instantly, the cooks checked to see what needed prepping and chopping.  Milana and Zarina couldn’t wait to chop the onions.  After 10 minutes, Zarina announced, “I hate cutting onions”, as the tears left her eyes.

We discovered Kemiah was allergic to seafood, so she stayed far away from the clams and cut the carrots and celery.

Mekribon and Ivy were on cornbread duty.  They mixed the dry ingredients and added the wet ingredients and promptly  had it in the oven in minutes.

The  cooks were pros with all the chopping and mixing.

Finally it was time to taste.  Although, at first the cooks were hesitant, soon, there the only sound heard was the slurping of soup.  Ivy loved the soup and had two bowls!  The soup and cornbread were a delicious surprise to all the cooks.