It is hard to believe we have reached the final My Family Kitchen day!  Eight weeks just flew by.  The Comly Chefs started as scared, timid children and ended as confident, proud chefs!  They started the class planning who was doing what job and immediately got started.

Cheng Lo commented, “I wish it wasn’t the last day for cooking, but it is.”  Afina Turdukanova started “I like cutting the peppers.” Camila Reyes took the task of chopping onions.  Through her tears, she said, “I’ll miss doing this.” Pedro Benevides Da Silva washed the mushroom with a damp paper towel and said, “It is fun cutting the mushrooms.” They all took turns watching the pans of mushrooms and the turkey/vegetable mixtures. Cheng Lo said, “The only way for me to eat vegetables is by putting them in a taco now.”  This was his 2nd time eating tacos.

Jhenifer Andrade started measuring the dry ingredients for the muffins.  Everything ran smoothly.   The kitchen smelled amazing as the parents began to arrive.  The mini chefs were so excited to have their parents eat the meal they created.

Pedro Benevides Da Silva said, “the muffins already look really good even though its not fully baked yet,”  Everyone inhaled the delicious smell coming from the pan as the muffins came out of the oven.  Everything was plated and served to the families.  It immediately got very quiet as the parents started to eat.  The oohs and ahhs that were heard made the mini chefs break into huge smiles!  The parents loved the food and agreed this was a meal they would make at home!  It was a great ending to a wonderful experience.