In the past year, the childhood obesity epidemic has received significant attention from the clinical realm and the national media alike. Since our first FreshRX symposium last year, the conversation around food and health has become a trending topic in light of the American Medical Association’s classifying obesity as a disease, and as the Affordable Care Act’s about to be implemented across the country. We’re pleased to announce that SCFC is setting the table for the next phase of the conversation on October 30, as we present “FreshRX: A Prescription for Health” in Philadelphia.

Over the course of this informative day-long event, the conference will bring together national, international and local leaders, as well as policy change advocates, practitioners working in the field and the media to increase awareness of food inequality and its impact on public health. This year’s theme, “Exploring the Intersection Between Food and Health,” will help identify innovative responses to the obesity epidemic, best practices and practical strategies for incorporating healthy living and an active lifestyle into today’s health care practices.

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