The Health Tech program reached a milestone on June 6, celebrating the 20th graduation at St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital. Forty students were enrolled in this year’s school-to-career program in corporation with the Olney Charter High School.

During the past 20 years, as many as 380 young people have graduated from the successful program, which allows students in grades 10 through 12 to receive paid training at the hospital – doing everything from administrative to clinical work. Since the Health Tech program began in 1994, it’s boasted a successful 98 percent high school graduation rate (with 95 percent of students moving onto college or trade schools). This year, 16 seniors and 24 juniors were among the graduates – many of them will be attending colleges and universities this fall, including Temple, LaSalle, Miami Dade and Penn State University, among others.

In addition to paid work experience, the Kal and Lucille Rudman Scholarship awarded $25,000 to this year’s graduates. The scholarship program has been supporting Health Tech from the beginning, having provided more than $432,000 in financial aid to date. Joining the Rudman family in their support of Health Tech, we have invested $10,000 annually in these outstanding students. For several years, Health Tech has also been a beneficiary of our annual AppleFest event held each fall.

During this year’s graduation, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams praised the Health Tech program for its success stories. “My job isn’t just to prevent crime, it is to invest in the future,” he said to students, parents and special guests. “That’s what you did here at Health Tech – invest in your future. As for those on the street corner who told you not to bother with Health Tech, they will still be on that same street corner five years from now.”

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