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Meet one of the speakers of this year's FreshRX - David Jones, Jr. (courtesy of Chrysalis Ventures)

David Jones, Jr., chairman and managing director of Chrysalis Ventures, a private equity and venture capital form, recently added to a discussion in an article in the University of Pennsylvania’s journal for the Wharton Business School about the evolving state of healthcare in America. Not only is Jones focused on the financial implications of changes to the system, he’s a featured panelist during our own annual FreshRX symposium on Oct. 30.

For his part in the article, Jones expressed an urgency to how we approach modern healthcare – as well as the financial implications that changes could have for every day Americans. “Everyone talks about hospitals going bankrupt because of politics,” he says. “That is nonsense. Bankruptcy is a restructuring, and the system is going to change dramatically.”

He also discussed the system of regulations – both good and bad – and the impact of technology on the entire health landscape in the article, which recaps Wharton’s recent 18th Annual Health Care Business Conference – “Innovation in a Changing Health Care Environment.”

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