A FreshRX speaker shares his insights

Dr. David Ludwig (courtesy of Boston’s Children’s Hospital)

Sharing the results from a recent study, last year’s FreshRx Symposium keynote speaker Dr. David Ludwig has released the findings of a new study about how sugary foods influence the way our brains tell us how to eat in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“This research suggests that based on their effects on brain metabolism, all calories are not alike,” Ludwig told The New York Times. “Not everybody who eats processed carbohydrates develops uncontrollable food cravings. But for the person who has been struggling with weight in our modern food environment and unable to control their cravings, limiting refined carbohydrate may be a logical first step.”

As the director of the Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, Ludwig sees the impact poor eating habits can have on families and young children, especially in impoverished urban areas, like the neighborhoods we serve throughout North Philadelphia. But by addressing the impact that these foods, which are high in sugar, can have on long-term health, physicians may begin to also pinpoint early factors for obesity and other preventable diseases among the most at-risk children.

For its part, SCFC is working to provide access to fresh, healthy, affordable vegetables and produce through our own Farm to Families, a program that operates year round at four public distribution sites. For more information about how to sign up, please contact St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children at 215-568-1126.

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