Get the family involved with a few simple steps. Plus: How to sign up for our Farm to Families program today.

Courtesy of Farm to Families

Anni Daulter, a professional cook, nutrition expert and author of several books, including The Organic Family Cookbook, recently shared tips about how to encourage children to eat healthier.

“The more parents can do to involve children in the process, the decisions on what they are eating and where their food comes from,” she says, “the better off they will be at helping them learn reverence and appreciation for food.”

It may seem like a big undertaking at first, but by using a few small steps toward better food choices right here in Philly, children will be healthier and sustain more body and brain power as the school year gets started.

Here are some ideas:

Share mealtime
Connect as a family at mealtime, making it a special part of the day. Not only will the whole family eat together, but also share with each other.

Start early
Breakfast can be one of the most important meals for children, which is why it’s helpful to incorporate whole grains, protein and fresh fruits into the routine.

Try healthy snacks
Snacks that are high in sugar can actually do damage to a child. Instead of candy bars or overly processed foods, trade them in for carrot sticks or veggie popcorn.

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Want more healthy recipes? Visit the Farm to Families page on Facebook and see what we’ve got cookin’. You can join our Farm to Families program for just $10 or $15 each week, which entitles you to purchase a box of farm fresh fruits and veggies. Food boxes even come with great, easy-to-prepare recipes. Fruit boxes ($10) are also being offered at all Farm to Families distribution sites in North Philadelphia.

For more information about the program, including how to register and find the local distribution site closest to you, please contact St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children at 215-568-1126.